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Molecular Biology range of services.

Sequencing, BioInformatics Analysis, Computational Biology.

Examples of previous projects:
DNA Extraction
DNA Amplification / single or multiplex PCR
Amplicon sequencing using MinION
Molecular Biology in the field as a service
Barcoding of VIP animals
Conservatory and ZOOs to guide
Care of animals / Health / Vets
Guiding reproduction to maximize the genetic diversity of animals in Zoos
Informal testing and Research (Pilots, Prototypes)
COVID testing
Detection  of Microbiomes
Identification of AMR genes
Detect frauds (PORK DNA in Hallal meat; HORSE meat in lasagnas, this lavender essential oil has no lavender DNA, pollens in honey, etc)
Quality Control in crisis (contamination in food factories, etc)
Water waste Testing
Carbon reporting
Air quality
Environmental Justice
Facilitation Resilience and Adaptation
Carbon management





Biology – Molecular and Genomics

HUMAN – Whole Genome Sequencing

Plant & Animal


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