Project Management Firm with offices in USA, MEX, and the UK.

We help companies in Life Sciences to archive their goals including areas of Marketing, Services, Research, and Development.

Bioaplico was founded in 2018 by CEO Jackeline Palma in London, after 3 years has expanded to also the United States and after 4 years to Mexico

With a portfolio of projects and experience, BIAPLICO offers services in Start-up and Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Environmental Services, and Genomic Services.

We have humble beginnings – but we have successfully expanded our clientele and brands. Delivering great Digital Marketing results Jacky had grown audiences un the thousands of followers across years of experience. Our CEO and Founder is a Certified and Experienced Project Manager, Digital Marketer, and Start-Up Serial Entrepreneur.

We decided to kill the expensive contracts with big agencies and offer flexible and affordable services, tailored to the customer.

Our History